• How do you get the best start?

    Get off to a great start with our 5 steps.

1. Analysis


Get what you need. 
No more, no less!

Whether you are faced with a specific quality problem or need a new system for inspection, monitoring, and troubleshooting, we almost always start with analysing your business, your production, and your plant. Because it is not just about choosing the right product when it comes to quality control, but also about providing the right solution. And that requires knowledge.

Return of investment

Why it pays off to think it through

Return on investment is about more than perfect troubleshooting. It is also about increased reliability, less maintenance, and longer service life. All of which are elements that can only be guaranteed if the quality system is integrated with the rest of the plant. And that is where we enter the picture.

2. Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

More options if even possible? Let us test it.

There are pros and cons of all solutions. Not least, the price can be a crucial factor. For this reason, we often make a proof of concept where we test, for example, three solutions to determine what it takes to solve the task, and how to make sure that you get the most for your money.

3. Technologies


Machine vision, bending, cutting or ...?

Unlike many others in the industry, we work with almost all high-quality technologies. That offers several advantages. But one of the most important advantages is that we are able to think through the entire system from the beginning. This means, first, that you get the best technology for your plant and, second, that you avoid a technological overlap, causing different technologies to check for the same mistakes.

When things collapse between two technologies

Our cross-technological approach also ensures that the individual technologies are working interactively. All too often it is in the "gaps" between the technologies that the problems arise, especially, when the technologies are delivered by different suppliers. We minimize this risk because we consider all the technologies as one unified system and not as several individual systems.


Choose freely between manufacturers. We do.

Some manufacturers are good at machine vision. Others are good at plasma, punching or something completely different. Because we are not only bound to one brand, we can give you independent counselling, which assures you the best solution on the market and not just the best solution that we would happen to sell.


What about one device that can do it all?

When the best solution is to use multiple technologies, we can often collect them in one device instead of having different devices communicating. This saves valuable space on the production floor and minimises the risk of errors, because all the technologies are built together in a closed system.

4. Installation


Take the last difficult step and choose the safe option.

No matter how great the technological hardware is, it must be installed before it can show its worth. And precisely that part of the process is more difficult than most people think. For example, the purely technical implementation constitutes a minor element in the installation. A far more important element is the programming, which ensures that the device matches your plant's configuration and your needs – something that can make a world of difference for both your ROI and your debug percentage.

Process responsibility

Let us take the responsibility, so you are free...

...to take care of everything else you need to do. Depending on what you need, we can be responsible for the entire process from analysis to commissioning. It saves you a lot of time and effort, and gives you the assurance that we have full control of every step along the way.

5. Service


Assuring that everything works - also tomorrow and for many years to come

Minimal downtime and maximum lifetime. These are keywords in the production industry, and we know that at Sicodan.

That is why we offer a complete service package, where we not only respond promptly if an urgent problem should arise, but also continuously maintain your system so you can be sure that everything is running optimally.

Your service package can include:

  • Emergency phone: get help 24/7
  • Technical support
  • Continuous maintainance
  • Software updates
  • Staff training
  • And much more ...

Any questions about our 5 step process?

Let's get in touch today and discuss how we can help you with our processes. 

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