• History of Sicodan

It started in 1899

The roots of Sicodan machines date back to 1899 when the Peter Olsen family established a blacksmith business. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on products for the iron and steel industry. The company has been at the same address in Humlebæk from 1899 until 2018.


Humlebæk Forge and Engineering Workshop were founded by Peter Olsen


The son, Erik Otto Olsen, takes over Humlebæk Forge and Engineering Workshop

The company specialises in plumbing and blacksmith’s work in large buildings.


In 1963, Sicodan ApS’ subsidiary was founded and soon specialised in sales and service for sheet and tube working machines for the metal industry. Sicodan supplies products for manufacturing companies in both Denmark and Europe. Sicodan supplies production lines and machine types with a focus on high quality.


In 1970, Peter Schack Olsen founded Europex A/S specialising in agency trade and commerce in Europe with sheet working machines primarily from the United States.


In 1975, Sicodan Maskiner APS was founded, and the activities of Sicodan ApS and Europex A/S were amalgamated in the company. The company has several different agencies for sheet metal working machines. Sicodan is now also starting their own production with plasma cutting centres in the property in Humlebæk.


The company’s owner was struck by a serious illness and forced to reduce the company’s operations to a minimum.


Erik Otto Olsen dies.

Peter Schack Olsen begins to look for interested buyers for the company.


Kristian Kjær takes over all assets of Sicodan Maskiner ApS, and from June he became the new CEO and owner.

Peter Schack Olsen will continue to be active in the company on a consultancy basis until the end of 2019.

Sicodan Maskiner ApS establishes an advisory board consisting of Kristian Kjær, Peter Schack Olsen and Søren Thingholm Jensen.

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